Top 5 Daily Habits to Teach as Moms to Our Sons

Let us go through the Top 5 Basic Daily Habits that as Moms we need to Teach our Sons.

Part 5 - Switching Off All the Lights of the House.

These habits may seem very trivial but can start inculcating responsibilities from a younger age. Also saving Electricity which is freely available to us mostly in Urban areas is a boon is what they need to be made understood. This is will also help them understand their role not only as a Family member but also as a Citizen of the Country and the World.

Part 4 - Picking up Own Plates after Eating.

A very important task that is avoided in my households by boys or men basically is picking up their own plates after eating. It seems a small task but collectively it is a very big responsibility. Completing your own task and not leaving it for others is an accomplishment in its own. Following it through to the end is what this task teaches. You can take it a notch up by teaching them to clean the plates also. Teaching a boy household chores is also a very important task that we must perform as Moms.

Part 3 - Putting Garbage Bags in the Dustbins.

You might ask what makes this task come up in the list of Daily Habits. So let me explain ! Putting a Garbage on a Bin is a very tricky thing. The bag needs to be properly or more so appropriately fit the bin's mouth. It needs a bit of trick with the garbage handle to place it and hold it in the proper place so that the bag doesn't shift. Of course, unless you have the machine that automatically places the bags on the bin. But many countries will surely not spend money on these petty things. Teaching this habit will make the boys and in some cases men too to use their brains. Doing it daily will make them perform a not so good thing change into a habit.

Part 2 - Setting up their own Bed

Completing a task as unimportant as setting up their own bed as soon as they get up can boost their confidence level and start the day with an accomplishment. If there are siblings in the house then it will surely help in setting a good habit example which will also help other siblings to follow in the foot step. Even if they make their side of the Bed then too it is enough for the satisfaction they will achieve and let go whether others finish their task or no. They will surely complete their's and move ahead for the rest of the Day.

Part 1 - Gratitude and Meditation

Last but not the Least paying Gratitude and doing Meditation. People think that these two are the most difficult tasks of all to inculcate in a child. But making your child sit in meditation on the bed as the day starts or ends can release them from un wanted burdens of the whole day that are either to come or has gone. Meditation doesn't require hours, on the contrary just a 2 minute Gratitude session for all the things to come in the day or that have already been received can do wonders on the brain of your child. Thinking about all the good things and positive experiences will also help them see the good side that they have achieved which will surely give them the strength to handle the not so good experiences also. Self analysing through Gratitude and Meditation will also boost their confidence and help them accept themselves as they are.

The overall development of a Child is definitely the responsibility of both the parents. But as moms we tend and like to be more involved in their initial development phase. It is not at all a rule that only girls or moms need to do the household chores or maintain the house. As girls and women have started taking the responsibility of earning financial stability for the house, it is time that boys and men start learning about the household chores for maintaining the balance and decorum of running the house. These 5 Daily Habits will also lessen the burden on the other partner and make each other more understanding of the other's issues. Little habits can go way ahead if inculcated in the early days.

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