5 Qualities to teach Our Sons as Moms

Updated: Apr 11

In a Man's world being a Man is not that easy. A boy or a Man is always seen or expected to be Manly or Macho all the time. Teaching our sons to be balanced balance and yet be Strong in the core is really very important as Moms. Simple yet very powerful tools can be handed to them since a young age so that no matter what come know they how to handle it and still hold themselves high in their own eyes.

Go through the 5 Basic Qualities that we must teach our sons as moms.

Part 5 -Generosity

Being Generous is surely a Quality that is held in high regards in a Man/Boy. But what is the real meaning of being Generous ? Does it mean to give your Everything. No not at all. As Moms it is our duty to teach our sons to think about themselves first. A person who is first self satisfied can only think about others. So teach them to be Generous to themselves first.

Part 4 - Empathy

An Empath is someone who understands and feels what the other person is going through. We should teach our sons to be Empathetic but also not to be Emotionally attached in any situation. You can create a Solution only when you think as an outsider. Teaching our sons this Quality will make them more understanding yet capable of getting solutions too.

Part 3 - Being Respectful

Respect is a Virtue that has no age limit. Teaching your sons to be Respectful to others is the most beautiful thing we can do as Moms. Respecting elders, youngers and children will create ease and lots of love for them in the eyes of others. Treating your Colleagues, bosses, staffs and maids with respect increases your chances of having a better and healthy work life environment. Respecting and caring Nature along with your own body helps in Healing and Nurturing one's own life and health.

Part 2 -Commitment

A Commiment to someone or even yourself takes lots of Courage and Discipline. By teaching Commitment you as moms can help them save time and be focused. Teaching commitment from a younger age will help you Sons to be responsible to his own self first. Start young where they commit to their studies, playtime, bedtime. Once they commit make sure they complete the task that will give them fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment.of

Part 1 -Authenticity

Last but not the Least - Authenticity. themselves themselvesself is the most important thing as Moms that we must teach and inculcate in our Sons. Many a times children dream of becoming someone else due to Peer pressure or unrealistic Hero goals. They should know the difference between taking someone's qualities and becoming completely someone else altogether. Make them realise their own Capabilities as well as shortfalls and help them overcome these through their own Qualities and Strengths.

A boy or a Man can be Extremely emotional, understand the feelings and yet find the most appropriate solutions in the time of Adversity. To raise a strong man we will have to start young with our boys. Teach them everything and then only we can expect the future to be safe and the world to be a better place. Expecting a Man to change after marriage or do things that were never taught to him since childhood is the biggest hassle faced by modern day marriage. Rasing strong Men is no more only the responsibilty of the father. A mother can fill the child with Emotions and yet raise Strong Men.

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