5 Must-Have Easy to Use Cool Kitchen Appliances for Men

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Kitchen is no longer the territory of Women. Men are once again conquering the place as was in the Royal Era. Hence, it is very important that they must have the right Kitchen Appliances to complete their task.

In today's modern world, you as a MasterChef must have Easy Gadgets to achieve the Finesse and Attribution in this Field.

Oh, surely our young budding Chefs need not be disappointed as Each MasterChef initially is an Amateur. Keeping this in mind here are 5 Must-Have Easy to Use Cool Kitchen Appliances for Men that will surely up your Game. Be it a student life or living as a paying guest or if you just want to impress your family for a dinner date, you just need a few easy-to-use gadgets that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Non-stick Electric Frying Pan

Use it as a one-meal appliance or for a full course meal, the benefits are the same. A must-have product in all kitchens for men. It comes handy if you are cooking an omlette or a pizza or those exotic veggies or just for boiling eggs for your pre-workout sessions. Since Health is the new Mantra, the Non-Stick Electric Frying Pan is also useful for Steamed and Grilled cooking for Weightloss or maintaining the Awesome Worked Out Body. Go Oil-Free with this non-messy cooking appliance just the best thing for instant go-to recipes.

2. Portable Electric USB Juicer

An Easy to carry Portable Electric USB Juicer. A perfect accompaniment for all your Workout sessions. But this gadget can be used as a complete meal assimilation tool also. Just grab all the ingredients you want and throw them in the juicer and Voila! you have your meal ready just in a matter of seconds. You can also blend in some dal, rice and veggies to get an all-in-one wholesome soup meal for days when you want a twist. Having a good healthy meal is no longer a tedious job. It is very easy and instant with a good Portable USB Juicer.

3. Microwave Oven

A Definitely Must-Have Product for all the Men out there. Easy, Convenient and Time Efficient are all the adjectives that can be used to describe this Gadget. The Must-Have list can never be complete without this Product. A time-bound Gadget that will free you with a - Timer. Isn't it surprising ? but yet absolutely true. You can simply set the Timer and relax as your food will be cooked to perfection. All Men must own this Kitchen tool to be Independent and yet have amazing home-cooked meals in minutes.

4. Chopper

Be it Electric or a Handy one, this tool called a chopper is all that you need to complete the most difficult task in a kitchen. Yes, I am talking about cutting those vegetables before cooking. Once the chopping is done it is just a matter of few minutes to get ahead and cook your favorite dish and enjoy it. You can just dish in all your ingredients (including meat), churn and place them in the pan or directly in the microwave. With an USB electric chopper your efforts will be lessened. Take it anywhere and enjoy a sumptuous meal with minutes.

5. Cheese Grater

A Cheese Crater ??? Really. I am sure you all must be thinking why is this product at all on this list. So, here is the answer. With the increase in health consciousness and healthy food demands, cheese is the only thing that is still on that list. The base of pizza has surely changed from all-purpose flour to other options like wheat, chapati, tacos, or simply a lettuce leaf but the topping has to be cheese. A simple food can change into an exotic one by simply adding some grated cheese of your choice as toppings. In fact, cheese is the only thing that can be used as a topping or even as a base or both.


Men have been slaved by the thought for centuries that they need someone to cook for them. Although the modern world is pacing up with the idea of men cooking and becoming independent and hence they no longer depend on hotels, restaurants or even maids for their meals. They have chosen healthy eating and cooking as their way of living even if they are alone striving in an unknown city for work life or just giving a break to their house ladies.

A right thought process is what is needed to remove the tag of being dependent upon your wife, mother, sister, or maid to survive. Becoming independent and having healthy eating habits is your own responsibility to free yourself from your own Mind.


Bonus : Here are a few more products to help you with your Healthy New Life

1. Non-stick Cookware Sets

2. Food Processor

3. Vacuum Cleaner


As you cleanse your Body, do it with your Mind too. Self help books and knowledge about Self care needs to be a Priority to be Independent and Aware.

Here is a list of books that you can Read or even Listen to for achieving your goals.

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